Want more leads to work with?

Lead campaigns for Subscriptions

How it works! 


We agree on the data you need for your newsletter subscribers like Name, E-mail and other possible information that might be important for you. We also agree on the message and markets. We give you a pricing and agree on the amount of leads per the market. 


We start the campaign and the collection of new subscribers for you. Since we only use text links you don't need to produce any banners or ad materials. 


We deliver leads on Fridays until we have met the quota we have agreed on. The leads are delivered in excel lists with the data we agreed on.


When you receive the leads  we need you to send us two things back; confirmation of delivery AND possible doubles (e-mail dresses you already have).  You only pay us for new leads.

Lead campaigns for Landingpages

How it works! 


We agree on the on the message, landing page and markets. We give you a fixed lead pricing that includes everything.

We implement the tracking on your landing page. We set up banners (we need all the regular sizes) and start the lead generation campaign for you. 

We invoice you for the leads generated on monthly basis. 


Quality leads = better conversions!

It 's as simple as that! 


What we do is all about giving you bang for your Buck!